How To Choose Baby Clothing For Preemies
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How To Choose Baby Clothing For Preemies

Preemies are small babies, and when in the NICU with all of the tubes and wires, regular baby clothing is too big and unsuitable for a NICU environment. However, there is clothing available for aathese small, preemies.

Being an expectant mother can be one of the greatest joys in the world. Most of us are expecting a chubby, bouncing baby girl or boy; however, there are those who have a little one who decides to enter the world weeks, sometimes months early. These babies are usually very small weighing less than There are those who only weigh a pound or two, sometimes even less.

More often than not, premature babies, also known as “preemies” usually need to go to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). While there, these babies have I.V.'s, feeding tubes, ventilator tubes, wires from being attached to a heart and apnea monitor. Moms, dads, and grandparents, as well as other family members long to dress the new baby, just as if he or she was full-term. Unfortunately, the newborn clothing is extremely big on these newborns. Because of the tubes and wires, regular baby clothing is not compatible with a stay in the NICU.

Depending on the size of your little one, doll clothing often works well for babies under 3 pounds. One thing to remember for those wires and tubing, is that it is best to purchase clothing that snaps in the front. Short sleeves often work well with I. V’s better than long sleeves unless they have snaps or are held closed by Velcro strips. If you sew, or know someone who is able to, they can open sleeves at the seams and attach Velcro easily, and then stitch over the edges of the seam that is now open to stop them from fraying.

Onesies do no make make a good preemie outfit, due to the heart monitor. However, they can be replaced with various colors T-shirts that are a size or so to keep the material loose over the electrode patches and wires. Shirts that snap or otherwise can be opened at the shoulder for easy removal are the best option in the event of an I.V being placed in the arm.

These babies are usually kept in an isolette which is heated due to the fact that these tiny infants are often unable to maintain their own body temperature until they get bigger and older. The NICU provides stocking caps for their heads, but if new baby clothing cannot be used yet, which will only be a temporary thing, new hats and booties are always needed.

One of the major differences between these babies is the leg length. If you are not comfortable with the legs of clothing being too long and getting caught in the legged sleepers, you can always use sleeper gowns and pram snow suits since they are legless garments. The gowns usually have strings to close them if you choose to do so and the pram snow suits will be able to be closed with a zipper. The final touch is for dressing your baby is wrapping them in baby blankets. Newborn blankets are fine.

Finally, when the day comes for you to take your baby home. As required for all babies, you will need a car seat. You can use the one that has already been purchased. The only thing that you will need is a bumper cushion for the head and body which will stop your tiny baby and their head from flopping around. Remember, like any other baby, these babies will grow fast. They will be wearing all of those beautiful outfits that you received as shower gifts before you know it. In fact, once they reach 5 pounds, you may want to begin trying the newborn outfits on before they grow out of them, without ever wearing them.

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