The Importance of Infant Stimulation and Ways to Stimulate Your Baby
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The Importance of Infant Stimulation and Ways to Stimulate Your Baby

Infant stimulation is very important to help your baby and all infants grow. Stimulation helps stimulate an infant's brain, their smell, visual stimulation and is something your baby needs.

How important is stimulating your baby?

Infant stimulation is very important to all infants and babies. Stimulation helps babies and infants learn and grow. Your baby needs to feel safe and create a bond with you as their parents. Stimulation between a baby and others helps them feel safe and helps them create a stronger bond. As you read the different ways to stimulate a baby, you will see how important stimulation actually is to a baby. You will see how stimulation affects their brain, their growth and a baby’s needs.

There are so many different ways to stimulate a baby. Each of these different ways of stimulating a baby or infant helps them in different ways to grow, learn and feel safe as mentioned above.

Spending time with you and others:

Be sure to have your baby spend time with you and others. Babies need to spend time with you and with others to help them feel safe. Don’t put them a side in a dark quiet room or in the corner in their crib or playpen all day. A baby won’t learn and grow if they aren’t with people. Let them hear and see people. This helps with their visual stimulation as well as their other senses. Babies need to be able to hear and see you. A baby will learn much more if they hear sounds around them and if they see a variety of different things around them. A baby’s brain will grow more if they are able to touch and feel things. Help them use all their senses and be stimulated by the smell, sounds and visual stimulation.


Be sure that your baby or infant is doing a variety of different types of activity. No matter what their age is, activity will help stimulate a baby. Give them a rattle to shake or if they are too young, help them shake a rattle. Let them hear the sound of the rattle and see what happens when they shake a rattle. Put them in a bouncer seat and talk to them. They will get excited and will try to bounce up and down out of excitement. Bouncer seats have toys that are attached to them which will help them in keeping their attention span. Bouncer seats help stimulate babies by using different senses such as touch, seeing and hearing the different things on a bouncer seat.  Bouncer seats help them use their muscles, their eyes, ears and hands. These all stimulate a baby. Be sure to include different types of activities to stimulate your baby and help them grow.

Feel or touch:

Let your baby touch and feel different types of things. See how they react to different types of textures. Stimulate them by giving them toys that have different textures. Be sure to introduce different objects to your baby or infant. This will help stimulate them more and they will learn to reach for things. Your baby will learn that different things feel differently. The more that your baby uses their senses, the more they will grow and learn. This all helps stimulate their brain and teaches them so many different things.

Talk to them:

Talk to your baby often. The more that they hear words, the sooner they will pick up on how to use their voice and how to talk. Talking to your baby stimulates them. Talk to them often even if it is just one sided. Read to your baby as a daily routine. Babies love to be read to and love hearing the sound of your voice. It makes them feel safe and secure. Your baby or infant will learn to use words and sentences quicker by talking to them often.


Let your baby smell a variety of different things such as people, foods, perfumes, toys and whatever else they can get their nose to. Your baby or infant will learn that different things smell differently. This stimulation helps your baby grow and learn.

Final thoughts on stimulation:

The more that a baby or infant is with people and the more they hear, see, touch and smell, the more your baby will be stimulated. The more that they are stimulated, the more their little brain grows and the more they take in. Be sure to do a variety of different things with your baby. Spend a lot of quality time with your baby. Your baby needs to be stimulated to help their brain grow and to help them learn.


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